Roads: The Black Spur


Total distance: 27.9 kilometres
Driving time: 30 minutes
Start: Healesville.

Linking the Yarra Valley with the mountain areas around Marysville is the road known as the Black Spur Drive, which passes between Healesville with Narbethong on the Maroondah Highway. Famous for its heady scenery of spectacular tall forests, the Black Spur winds its way up the Great Dividing Range.

Lower the windows and savour the fragrance of the Australian bush as you pass through the forest. The drive is bordered by immense mountain ash trees that allow dappled sunlight to make its way down to the cool, lush understorey of green ferns. At the base of the Black Spur you will find Fernshaw picnic area with rest facilities. You can also utilise the picnic facilities at Dom Dom in Marysville State Forest.

Maroondah Damn just passed Healesville to start the tour.

Spectacular scenery, windy roads and nice, cool air.

S-bends anyone?

Towards the end as the road opens to Marysville. Perfect time to turn around and do it all over again. 

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