Event: BMW Welt

BMW developed an awareness of its history during the very first years of its existence. In as early as 1922, its first products were displayed as not-for-sale souvenirs in a room at the Munich plant. This evolved into the plant museum, which was upgraded with a new historical exhibition in 1966.

In the late 1960s, the BMW board decided to build a new administration centre, for which the Viennese architect Prof. Karl Schwanzer won the international tender. BMW has him to thank for the forward-looking BMW Tower ensemble, featuring an independent museum building in the form of a silver-grey bowl. The BMW ensemble was officially opened on 18th May 1973.

The exhibition in the new building consisted of a fairly simple display of exhibits, which did not intrude on the characteristic architecture of the museum. Over the years, the increasing number of visitors turned the BMW Museum into one of the most frequented company museums in Germany. It displayed three permanent exhibitions during its first 30 years.

If you're planning to go, the museum is located at Am Olympiapark 2, 80809 München, Germany and open Tuesday to Sunday/Public Holidays 10am to 6pm with last admittance 30mins prior to closing. Guided tours are available.

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